1977 certainly was a year to remember. Gasoline had reached a record high of 64 cents a gallon, John Travolta was making it big in the hit movie "Saturday Night Fever" and Jimmy Carter was urging Americans to respond to the energy crises with the "moral equivalency of war". Over half the population of the country watched "Roots" and the first episode of the "Love Boat" aired.

And here in High Point, history of another kind was being made at a little deli which opened its doors at 1211 Greensboro Road. The Triad was about to get its first taste of true New Jersey style Italian deli fare.

The story behind Capra's Italian Deli is that of a family transplanted from their home in New Jersey, a place of corner deli's, neighborhood grocery stores and butcher shops to High Point, North Carolina, a place sorely lacking in those very same amenities.

Not to be thwarted by so minor an obstacle as geography, Tony Capra settled on a solution that would have far reaching effects, not only on the Capra family, but on the Triad culinary scene as well. He decided to open a deli that his wife Connie would run, a deli based on the Capra family's long standing tradition of making their own homemade sausage, the same delicious sausage you'll find at the deli today.

To match the unparalleled excellence of their sausage a full line of Boar's Head brand provisions including, cappicola (a spicy ham), sopressata, proscuitto (another type of ham), Genoa salami, and provolone was added, along with a wide selection of authentic Italian grocery products and homemade breads and rolls.

The deli remained at the Greensboro Road address for the next twenty three years, building a loyal and devoted following in the community. The deli was small and offered takeout only, and many of the patrons expressed their desires for a combination deli - restaurant where they could come for lunch or a light dinner. The Capra's looked around for a location in the area that would offer them the best economic opportunity while keeping them as close to their customers as possible. In 2000 they moved the deli to is present location at 2640 Willard Dairy Road, in the Deep River Business Center.

At twice the size of the old deli, Capra's can seat 48 people. Old customers have found their way to the new location, undoubtedly drawn by cravings only Capra's can satisfy and new customers continue to discover what the real difference between a family run deli and a franchised sandwich shop really is.

If you want to experience this difference yourself and become part of ongoing history, don't waste another second. Get over to Capra's Italian Deli and Julio, Mary and Connie will make you part of the 'Capra' dining family. You're mouth and tummy will be forever grateful.


2640-120 Willard Dairy Rd
High Point, NC 27265
(336) 454-5975
Deep River Business Center
(corner of Willard Dairy and Eastchester Dr./ Hwy 68N)
Monday 10:00AM -4:00 PM

Tuesday-Friday 10:00AM -7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Sunday

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